Workspace Settings - Automatically shut down long-running sessions

katie.shakman Administrator, Domino Posts: 257 admin

Do you ever get messages notifying you that your Domino workspace (maybe a Jupyter or RStudio session) has been running for a long time, and think "I wish there were a way to automatically shut those down"? There is!

You can set your workspaces to automatically shut down after a specified number of hours, so you don't have to worry about remembering to shut things down when you finish for the day. To set this up, go into your user settings and you'll find this Workspace Settings section:

In the image above, the auto shut down is checked and the shut down time is set to 6 hours. If you ever want to run a workspace for a longer time, you can always un-check the setting.

Let us know if this helps you or if you have questions/suggestions. Thanks!


Field Data Scientist @ Domino


  • mmiron
    mmiron Member Posts: 12

    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for the tip! Does this apply to deployed apps?



  • katie.shakman
    katie.shakman Administrator, Domino Posts: 257 admin

    Hi Michelle,

    I think this only applies to workspaces and not to apps, but I'll look into it.




    Field Data Scientist @ Domino

  • katie.shakman
    katie.shakman Administrator, Domino Posts: 257 admin

    Update: @mmiron I can confirm that it does not apply to apps.

    Is this something you would want in the future (i.e. a way to shutdown long-running apps)?


    Field Data Scientist @ Domino

  • anacristina.mendes
    anacristina.mendes Member Posts: 1

    Hi Katie,

    It would be nice to schedule a stop of a running app.


  • dan.stern
    dan.stern Member, Moderator, Domino Posts: 37 mod

    Hi Ana,

    It is possible to schedule the start and stop of apps with the methodology in this post.


  • alexis.s.cotton
    alexis.s.cotton Member Posts: 3


    A follow-up question to this feature: does the auto-shutdown setting for workspaces also auto-commits and saves the work before shutting down?




  • jaclyn.patterson
    jaclyn.patterson Member, Administrator, Moderator, Domino Posts: 31 admin

    Hi Alexis,

    The answer to your follow-up question: the workspace will, in fact, auto-commit your work before shutting down.



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