How can I setup my Dash application as a scheduled run in Domino?

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    This is possible by adding the following files and requirements.txt to your project.This is possible using a function in Domino's Python API call app_publish(). 

    There is a written a script which takes advantage of this. To do so, simply:

    • Upload and requirements.txt(described below) into your project files.
    • Create a scheduled job with the following command:
    • Then, schedule this to run whenever you'd like your app to republish.
    • Note, there will be a few minutes between the old instance shutting down and the new instance spinning up. 

    Additionally, if you'd like the app to shut down regularly, you can schedule a job using the command " off"

    Here are the two files you will need.

    from domino import Domino
    import os
    import sys
    action = sys.argv[1]
    domino = Domino(os.environ['DOMINO_PROJECT_OWNER'] + "/" + os.environ['DOMINO_PROJECT_NAME'],
    if action == "on":
    elif action == "off":
        raise ValueError('This script uses the format: [on]/[off]')



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