How can I set an environment variable in the docker file of my compute environment?

brendan.milnamowbrendan.milnamow Member, Domino Posts: 5

I would like to set something in my compute environment that is then accessible when I use that environment for a run or a workspace?


  • chuck.headchuck.head Member, Domino Posts: 9
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    You can either set it using the docker ENV instruction or write to the .domino-defaults file as show here.

  • katie.shakmankatie.shakman Administrator, Domino Posts: 182 admin

    Note that if you just want something like a personal environment variable, and don't need it to necessary be set in the compute environment, you can use our instructions for setting environment variables at the project or user level:


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    Is there a difference between using the docker ENV instruction and declaring an ARG with the environment variables section of the compute environment?

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