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Recently we've gotten some questions about datasets such as:

I'm using Domino Datasets and have some questions about updating.

If I write a file to an existing dataset via a workspace, by writing to a folder with the same name as the existing dataset, is it going to overwrite the file or create another one? Is there a way I can update files on a dataset?


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    Updating a file in the dataset will create a new snapshot with those changes (which you can revert to a previous version), essentially overwriting the file. To append/modify datasets, you'll need to create a .yaml file and then select that configuration in the datasets dropdown before launching a workspace. Here's the information on how to set up the .yaml file to append - https://support.dominodatalab.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020332571-Datasets-advanced-mode-tutorial#append-dataset.

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    Note that by default datasets are read-only, so if you started a workspace with a dataset mounted for reading and you tried to modify it, you might see something like the "Read-only file system" message below:

    In Domino 3.6+ you have a datasets scratch space available that you can use to quickly make a new version of the dataset like I did below:

    Once you're done, you can promote the data in this scratch space to a versioned dataset snapshot. So if you have already done some work and want to save it to a snapshot, rather than starting a new workspace in advanced mode or snapshot creation mode, you can always use your scratch space.

    Once you've made some changes in your scratch space, you'll see the scratch space listed in the datasets section of your project

    You can transfer the current state of your Scratch Space into your versioned Dataset using the button "Create a Dataset Snapshot from Scratch Space" (bottom of this next screen shot) -- then enter the destination Dataset and click Create Snapshot.

    Once you've promoted the contents of your Scratch Space to a dataset, you can inspect the new snapshot as shown below:

    Let us know if you have questions or feedback about this!


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