FAQ: How can I get run info for a specific run with the Domino Get-a-list-of-runs API?

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Sometimes you may want to programmatically retrieve information about a particular run (job or workspace) in one of your Domino projects. Maybe you've seen our Domino API docs and noticed that you can get a list of all runs in one of your projects using the get-a-list-of-runs API, but if you have a lot of runs you might not want to deal with that whole list. The good news is, it's easy to specify a particular run and get only the info for that run. All you have to do is add the RUN-ID to the end of the URL in your API call, like this:

!curl --include \
   --header "X-Domino-Api-Key: $DOMINO_USER_API_KEY" \

The run ID usually starts with a 5 and contains a series of letters numbers, like this:


and it can be found in the URL when viewing a job or workspace in the UI (see screenshot below for a visual of where to find this).


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