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Domino currently do not have a way of providing a static IP for Executors but we can use Dynamic DNS as a workaround. I am using www.dynu.comas an example but feel free to use anything you like but you will need to modify the Dockerfile to reflect that.

  1. Create an account on and record your username and password. There is an option to use a different password to only allow IP address updates if you want to use that.
  2. Create the Domain name you would like to use. I used as my choice.
  3. Edit your Environment and add the following:
RUN mkdir -p /etc/dynuiuc && touch /etc/dynuiuc/dynuiuc.conf
RUN printf "username username\n\
password password\n\
ipv4 true\n\
ipv6 false\n\
pollinterval 120\n\
debug false\n\
quiet false" > /etc/dynuiuc/dynuiuc.conf

RUN URL=''; FILE=`mktemp`; wget "$URL" -qO $FILE && sudo dpkg -i $FILE; rm $FILE

Add this to your Run Setup Scripts.

nohup /usr/bin/dynuiuc -c /etc/dynuiuc/dynuiuc.conf -l /mnt/dyndns.log &

Each time your Workspace starts up the dynuiuc client will update your chosen Domain name with the correct IP address and you can use that as your variable.



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