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"Results" page for jobs should not include changes from outside the run

melanie.veale Member, Domino Posts: 15 ✭✭

When 2 concurrent jobs are launched at the same time, and each creates an output file with a different name, the second job to finish shows in the "Results" tab output files from both jobs. This appears to happen because the "results" are defined by taking a diff of the files between "output commit" and "input commit", where "output commit" means after syncing to the project. Thus including any changes made outside the run (by other runs, or presumably UI edits, uploads, or any other means).

This is confusing for users that launch parallel runs. In the case that all output files have different names, there is no file conflict problem, only an issue of seeing extraneous files in the results page, but it's still a significant problem.

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