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puggelli_vladimiropuggelli_vladimiro Member Posts: 6

I have some problem to work with this package: dash-bootstrap-components

When I put in my environment, i see white page when i run my app, regardless that i use or not.

Some advice?

Thanks in advance



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    Hi Vladimiro,

    How are you installing dash-bootstrap-components in your environment? Are you using pip install dash-bootstrap-components?

    I just tested adding dash-bootstrap-components to my environment and was able to publish the quick start Dash app. You may have some conflicts with Dash package versions, what version of dash-bootstrap-components did you install and what version of Dash are you running? You may want to check that the two versions are compatible.

    Additionally, there could be an issue with the way you setup your config settings in the app. Can you share your app file and in particular show us what your app.config.update looks like?

    When I tested on the quick start app my app.config.update looked like this, note that the config changes based on what version of Dash you are running.

    # For Dash >= 0.18.3


    #### as the proxy server may remove the prefix

    'routes_pathname_prefix': '', 

    #### the front-end will prefix this string to the requests that are made to the proxy server

    'requests_pathname_prefix': ''}) 

    # For Dash < 0.18.3

    # app.config.routes_pathname_prefix=''

    # app.config.requests_pathname_prefix=''

    If you continue to have problems there could be an issue that is more specific to your environment, project files, or package versions and I would encourage you to go ahead and put in a support ticket by emailing [email protected] and we would be happy to help investigate and get your app up and running again!

  • puggelli_vladimiropuggelli_vladimiro Member Posts: 6

    On environment configuration i set this:

    RUN pip install dash && \

     pip install dash-table && \

      pip install dash-renderer && \

      pip install dash-html-components && \

      pip install dash-core-components && \

      pip install dash-bootstrap-components && \

      pip install ciso8601 && \

      pip install jaydebeapi && \

      pip install panda && \

      pip install plotly --upgrade

    And this in my main py file:


    'requests_pathname_prefix': ''


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