Mount multiple snapshots of the same dataset to the same project

akshay.ambekar Moderator, Domino Posts: 25 mod

In the below example project, I have a dataset called data_science with 3 snapshots. Following are the steps to mount each one of them to the project:

1. Add a tag to each snapshot by navigating to the snapshot under Datasets/data_science and clicked 'Add Tag' to add a meaningful tag to each of the snapshots. Tag the 3 snapshots as diamonds, iris, and wine respectively

2. Next, create a domino.yaml file in your project files and add the below contents to it:


  - name: data_science


      - path: /diamonds

        dataset: data_science:diamonds

      - path: /iris

        dataset: data_science:iris

      - path: /wine

        dataset: data_science:wine

Provide the dataset name as the value for the name label under datasetConfigurations. Under inputs, specify each dataset with the corresponding tag- data_science:diamonds, data_science:iris, and data_science:wine- and provide the respective paths at which you want them to be mounted. 

3. Next, navigate to workspaces, select JupyterLab workspace (you can choose any workspace) and click on Datasets > Advanced and select the new configuration (it was named data_science). Then, click Launch. The snapshots will be mounted to /domino/datasets/diamonds, /domino/datasets/iris, and /domino/datasets/wine.

4. Finally in the workspace terminal, navigate to /domino/datasets and from this path you can further access any of the snapshots by changing directory to /diamonds or /iris or /wine

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