Datasets, refresh and scheduled refresh.

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Hi all,

I have two questions:

  1. How to schedule a new snapshot of a dataset? If I run a scheduled job, the job do not find the dataset file.
  2. I use a dataset on an app, but I notice, if a create a new snapshot, that I need to rerun the app to update the file. Is correct? Some workaround?

Thanks for reply.

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  • katie.shakmankatie.shakman Administrator, Domino Posts: 190 admin

    @puggelli_vladimiro To expand on the second part of your question, about republishing the app: you can also schedule the publishing of your new app version using the app publishing API (see If you would like, you could even wrap all of these operations into one scheduled parent job that first creates the new snapshot, optionally waits some time, and then publishes the new app version. Or, you can schedule two back-to-back jobs, one that creates the new snapshot and another after it that publishes a new app version. Let us know if you have any further questions!


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