Voilà Dashboards in Domino

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Voilà allows you to convert a Jupyter Notebook into an interactive dashboard. Note that this method uses ngrok and creates an unauthenticated url, so use caution with sensitive material. This will also require an internet connection with your Domino deployment. To create a Voila dashboard in Domino use the following steps:

RUN pip install voila
RUN pip install --upgrade jupyter_client
RUN pip install bqplot && pip install plotutils && sudo pip install tornado --upgrade
  • You'll use ngrok to deploy the Voila app as described here. Upload the linux binary to your Domino files page and obtain an access token. Details on downloading and creating an account to obtain an access token are found here.
  • Create a python script for a dash app in Domino (i.e. app-dash.py) and insert the following code
import dash
from dash.dependencies import Input, Output, State
import dash_core_components as dcc
import dash_html_components as html
import dash_table_experiments as dt
import json
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import plotly
import base64
app = dash.Dash()
'routes_pathname_prefix': '',
'requests_pathname_prefix': ''
app.layout = html.Iframe(src='REPLACEMENOW', style={'border': 'none', 'width': '100%', 'height': '100vh'})
if __name__ == '__main__':
    app.run_server(host='',port=8888) # Domino hosts all apps at
  • Finally, create an app.sh file in the main Domino file directory and add the following, making sure to change the path for your Jupyter notebook on line 2 and the ngrok access token on line 3:
sudo chmod 777 ngrok && sudo chmod 777 app-dash.py
nohup voila --Voila.ip= --Voila.tornado_settings='{"headers":{"Content-Security-Policy":"frame-ancestors self *" }}' --port=8887 --no-browser /mnt/<path to notebook> &
sudo ./ngrok authtoken <your ngrok token>
nohup sudo ./ngrok http 8887 -log=stdout &
sleep 5
OUTPUT="$(curl --silent --show-error | sed -nE 's/.*public_url":"https:..([^"]*).*/\1/p')"
sed "s#REPLACEMENOW#$OUTPUT#g" -i app-dash.py
nohup python app-dash.py &
sleep 10
sed "s#$OUTPUT#REPLACEMENOW#g" -i app-dash.py
while true; do :; done
  • Navigate to Publish -> App, start the app, and navigate to your newly created Voilà dashboard!


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    With updates to Voila, publishing a notebook as Voila app is now just a one liner in the app.sh script.

    voila <path to notebook> --port 8888 --base_url /$DOMINO_PROJECT_OWNER/$DOMINO_PROJECT_NAME/r/notebookSession/$DOMINO_RUN_ID/ --server_url /

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