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I've got an environment that I've customized to use multiple conda environments that can be configured via environment variables and it seems to be working okay.

That said, I'm a bit confused about when exactly the environment/project/user environment variables are set. It looks to me like the contents of ~/.domino-defaults are appended to the ~/.bashrc file but then it looks like two more lines that aren't in .domino-defaults are also appended.

source "/var/lib/domino/launch/"


I took a look at the file and it looks like it sets the various environment/project/user variables. Here's a portion of it for example (with dummy data):

export DOMINO_USER_API_KEY='peoajfepoaiheaopfeijpoaeafehpea'
export DOMINO_PROJECT_OWNER='user_name'
export DOMINO_PROJECT_NAME='project_name'
export DOMINO_RUN_ID='eajpofeawefapoe'

But part of my customization involved referencing a project environment variable in the domino-defaults file which is above the sourcing of Nonetheless it seems to work fine. If I put "echo $DOMINO_PROJECT_NAME" at the top of ~/.bashrc it works just fine.

So when are those environment variables set? As far as I can tell the sourcing of the script is entirely redundant.

It would be great if things like .domino-defaults and the general flow of what scripts are run at what point when standing up the docker container were explained in the documentation.


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