Auto-select Workspace when only one is available in an environment

jeff.keller Member Posts: 7

On the Workspaces and Quick Action pages, if the selected environment only has one pluggable Workspace defined, that Workspace should be selected automatically rather than requiring users to make a vacuous selection. This may have actually been the behavior in v3.x but our deployment is now on version 4.1.x and it does not behave as suggested.

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  • zach.ingraham
    zach.ingraham Member, Administrator, Moderator, Domino Posts: 53 admin

    This makes a lot of sense to me! Based on a quick check just now, it looks like in 3.x it defaulted to selecting the far left workspace if you didn't pick one yourself. I'm guessing this is an unintended change, but will check in with our Eng/Product team to confirm.

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