File View/Download errors out in Jupyter v5.7.6+

josh.mineroff Member, Moderator, Domino Posts: 9 mod
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I'm unable to download a .jpg file that I just uploaded to my Jupyter workspace (version: 6.0). Each time I click on that file to view or download it, I get "Blocking Cross Origin request from..." error. Please help!

Josh Mineroff | Field Engineer


  • akshay.ambekar
    akshay.ambekar Moderator, Domino Posts: 25 mod

    It looks like you've run into an issue with Jupyter v5.7.6+ that's described here:

    To fix this, you can insert the below line in the pre-run script of your compute environment:

    echo "c.NotebookApp.disable_check_xsrf = True" >> /home/ubuntu/.jupyter/

    This line will disable the CORS check within Jupyter and enable you to view/download files again.

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