Modify Scheduled Jobs Summary Page to Show Scheduled Job Status

joshua.cluff Member Posts: 4
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(Running Domino version 4.1.10) -- When I click on the Scheduled Jobs tab for a project I see a list of my scheduled jobs. But in order to find out their run status I have to individually click on each and every single scheduled job to find out. On older versions of Domino the buttons were listed and would change from "Resume" to "Pause". This told you, albeit a little convoluted, what the run status was at least. Give us something back to let us know quickly the run status. Maybe an "Active" vs "In-Active" or something. Doesn't have to be a button, just another column would do. In fact I like the aggregation of the buttons under the three dots.

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  • stacy.alme
    stacy.alme Member, Moderator Posts: 4 mod

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for submitting the feature request! I completely understand why you’d want the run status readily available in the format you’ve described. Also, I appreciate the amount of detail you’ve provided. If you know others with the same request, feel free to send them to this page and have them “upvote” your idea. That’ll help us understand user demand and prioritize the most important features.

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