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This post will share steps for setting up Zeppelin 0.8.2 as a workspace in Domino 4.1+ into the Domino Analytics Distribution (DAD)



1 . Add the following lines to the dockerfile instructions for your compute environment:

##Install Zeppelin from workspaces
RUN sudo apt-get update -y && \
    sudo apt-get install -y axel && \
    axel -n 10 && \
    tar xvzf zeppelin-0.8.2-bin-all.tgz && \
    rm -rf /opt/zeppelin && \
    mv zeppelin-0.8.2-bin-all /opt/zeppelin && \
    rm zeppelin-0.8.2-bin-all.tgz
RUN chown -R ubuntu:ubuntu /opt/zeppelin && \
    mv  /var/opt/workspaces/Zeppelin/zeppelin-env.txt /opt/zeppelin/conf/  && \
    chmod 777 /opt/zeppelin/conf/  && \
    chown ubuntu:ubuntu /opt/zeppelin/conf/  && \
    sed -i '94d' /opt/zeppelin/conf/  && \
    chown -R ubuntu:ubuntu /opt/zeppelin && \
    echo "export ZEPPELIN_ADDR=" >> /opt/zeppelin/conf/

2 . Add the following lines to the Pluggable Workspace Tools section for your compute environment:

  title: "Zeppelin"
  iconUrl: ""
  start: [ "/var/opt/workspaces/Zeppelin/start" ]
    port: 8888
    requireSubdomain: false

The resulting Compute Environment settings should look like:

3 . You should now have Zeppelin available as a workspace in projects using this compute environment:


  • There are known issues using Zeppelin with imported projects (it doesn't work).
  • These instructions may not work on different base images or in a Domino version <4.1

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