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Change display for failed run in Jobs Timeline

Currently, when a scheduled job fails, the plot for the .dominostats in the Jobs Timeline indicates this with a red dash on the x-axis. However, when plotting, the lines in the graph are connected. This line can give a cursory appearance that there was no missing data, especially if there were a number of failed runs in a row, as in the attached plot. Some better options would be to have the line not connect over failed jobs, set the value to 0, or provide some other indication such as shading the entire background area of the plot where the failed jobs occurred.

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  • jaclyn.patterson
    jaclyn.patterson Member, Administrator, Moderator, Domino Posts: 31 admin

    Thanks @john.stanton-geddes for submitting this request.I can definitely see how the current method of skipping the missing values can be misleading. Those are all great suggestions for making the .dominostats plot more interpretable.

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