Is it possible to fetch the latest snapshot of an input dataset in the middle of a Python script?

jws383 Member Posts: 4

I want to be able to access the latest snapshot of a Domino data set pragmatically within the script and then load files into the python script. Is this possible using the Domino API?



  • dan.stern
    dan.stern Member, Moderator, Domino Posts: 37 mod

    Hi jws383,

    The files in the latest snapshot from a dataset that is attached to your project should be jut available to your python script in the /domino/datasets/ folder. Let me know if I'm misunderstanding the workflow you are asking about here.


  • jws383
    jws383 Member Posts: 4

    Hi Dan,

    I realize I didn't explain the context very well. In script A, I want to be able to refresh the dataset to get the most current snapshot with a function call in the script. Another script B will be adding files to the dataset script A is accessing in real-time, so in script A, I want to be able to check if any new files were added by script B before doing more processing.


  • melanie.veale
    melanie.veale Member, Domino Posts: 15 ✭✭

    Hi Jacob,

    It's not currently possible to refresh a Dataset in a running session (or to mount an existing Snapshot after the session starts). Only the Snapshots specified when you launch the session will be available. Since Snapshots are read-only once created, and not accessible across sessions until then, they are not really suited for truly streaming data workflows. But there might be some things you can do:

    If you are operating within interactive Workspaces you might find the scratch space useful (

    Or, if new files are not actually added very often, but you want to have a long-running script A "watching" for them to do some processing, you might find the Domino API useful ( Using the API you can check the list of Dataset Snapshots, and if there is a new one, launch a separate Job via an API call in your code to do the processing on the new snapshot.

    Let us know if that answers things for you!


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