Long running workspaces - will they auto-commit upon shutdown?

alexis.s.cotton Member Posts: 3


It's not explicitly clear in the documentation if long running workspaces will auto-commit work before shutting down. Is this automatically done or will another setting have to be configured to enable this?






  • jaclyn.patterson
    jaclyn.patterson Member, Administrator, Moderator, Domino Posts: 31 admin
    edited July 2020

    That's a great question. The workspace will, in fact, auto-commit your work before shutting down. No additional settings are required.

    That being said there are a couple of edge cases worth considering: (1) Linked git repos will not be pushed/committed unless you’ve specifically set that up, and (2) Only what’s been written to disk will be saved (i.e. you will lose your objects in memory and your files not yet saved to disk). So, for example, you must save a workspace you're editing within Jupyter in order for it to be committed when the workspace shuts down.

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