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Pin version of Environment to a Project

The current project settings specify an Environment, but not a version of that environment. When an Environment is shared across many projects, a new version may be released to meet the needs of one project, but this will cause a breaking change in a different project. It's crucial that we have the ability to specify not only the Environment, but also the version of that Environment, a project should use.

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  • dan.stern
    dan.stern Member, Moderator, Domino Posts: 37 mod

    Hi John,

    Certainly agree thats an important use case for project stability. I'll get it logged over to engineering.

    As a workaround, the users who need to add changes to the Compute Environments (CE) could create their own duplicates of the CE and add their changes to the duplicates, leaving the original versions unchanged for the larger group of projects using those environments.

  • melanie.veale
    melanie.veale Member, Domino Posts: 15 ✭✭

    Hi John,

    Another workaround you might use, for the case where an environment you depend on has already been updated with some breaking change, is as follows. Let's say you need to go back to revision 24 of the below environment (but can't just ask that the whole environment is reverted, because the new version is needed by some other projects). You can pick up the exact URI in the internal registry for the version you want on the Revisions page:

    Then create a new environment with this URI in the "Custom Image" field:

    This is probably best as a short-term workaround - long-term, either fixing the main environment to work with all projects, or duplicating it to maintain different variations for different sets of projects is probably ideal. But this may help you quickly get around unexpected breaking changes.


  • john.stanton-geddes
    john.stanton-geddes Member Posts: 18

    Thanks for these suggestions! This will work for my current situation. If I keep the Environment private, it won't clutter the Environments for all other users.

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