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Refactor how compute environment archival works

christopher.wellington Member, Administrator, Domino Posts: 20 admin
edited September 2020 in Feature Requests

The current feature for archiving compute environments behaves as I would expect a delete function to operate. I would like to be able to archive (deprecate) compute environments so they do not show up in the list of environments or in the dropdown box when choosing an environment (so they are not accessible to new projects and runs) but at the same time existing projects that have them set are unmodified.

Some old and otherwise defunct environments are in use by existing old projects. If we were to archive the environments today, we would lose the records of how they were configured to work with the old projects. If we need to resurrect an old project, it would be good to know it was last working on python 2.7 with these modules installed.

If we leveraged organizations to limit environment visibility, as an admin user I would still see a large number of nearly useless environments. As is when you have a large number of environments to choose from the environments list takes too long to load and it's hard to find anything once it does. It would be better to have a version of archive that does exactly what archive does but lets the environment still be attached to projects and the definition viewed if needed. The Docker images could even be deleted to reclaim space.

Actually, just changing the archive to do this would be great. This is actually how I assumed the archive would work.

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