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Start a new project from a template

I'd like to be able to start a new project from a pre-defined template project. This would function similar to how GitHub will allow you to use a repo as a template.

Ideally, this would be an option when you start a new project.

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  • jake.diga
    jake.diga Member Posts: 7

    Hi John,

    Thanks for sending this in. This is an interesting feature request, we do have a similar feature like this, and this is done by admins where they can over ride the "quick-start" project created for new users . Can you tell us more of what you are looking to be added on the request (this will help us log the request better) ?

    Perhaps I can lead with the following questions:

    1. Should this be available only for existing users (with existing projects) or new users when they sign up?
    2. What items/fields (e.g environment, hw tier etc) would you want to include on the template or do we want an option to let the user's customise items/fields from the template?
  • katie.shakman
    katie.shakman Administrator, Domino Posts: 257 admin

    Another immediate option: you can do something very similar to this by creating a template project and then clicking the "Copy" button on that project, which will capture the existing hw tier/environment settings of the original, as well as the files/folder structure.


    Field Data Scientist @ Domino

  • john.stanton-geddes
    john.stanton-geddes Member Posts: 18

    Thanks Jake, Katie. We are aware of, and use, the ability to "Copy" a project. A problem with this is that when someone starts to have a lot of projects, they can lose track or forget about the template project. Also, we created a new 'template' project that we'd like people to use, but existing users don't have it as the default in their Project space, so it can be difficult for them to find it when they do want to make a copy.

    When most people start a project, they do so by clicking the "New Project" button. It'd be nice if they could use a template at this point. Certainly a "nice to have", not a necessity.

    Jake, for your questions:

    1) Both!

    2) Files only. They should manually configure 'Linked projects', 'Git repositories', Environment and Hardware tiers.

  • katie.shakman
    katie.shakman Administrator, Domino Posts: 257 admin

    Thanks John! This kind of detail is very helpful for our product team.


    Field Data Scientist @ Domino

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