Populating the path from the project files in Domino Launcher

tasneem.ghayas Member Posts: 11

Hi Domino Team,

I would like to know if there is possiblilty to populate the project file structure in Launcher as a parameter. Just like the Job run where the file name is populated.

Thank you



  • katie.shakman
    katie.shakman Administrator, Domino Posts: 257 admin

    Hi @tasneem.ghayas ,

    Thanks for asking! Autocomplete for files is not currently available in Launchers. However, if the number of files is small you could create a dropdown parameter and add all of the file options that way. If you'd like to put in a feature request here we'll pass it along to the product team: https://community.dominodatalab.com/categories/feature-requests Or if you have an immediate need and would like us to set up some time to discuss alternatives and workarounds, please let us know.


    Field Data Scientist @ Domino

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