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Job-specific environment variables

jeff.keller Member Posts: 9

It would be convenient to be able to specify job-specific environment variables when scheduling a job or running an ad hoc job. This would avoid the need to set project-level environment variables--even temporarily--as it might impact other project workloads that are not expecting the presence or value of the job-specific environment variable.

These new environment variables could be specified in the "Start a Job" and "Create a Scheduled Job" modals (attached).

An alternative, simpler, and less secure option would be to support commands that include in-line environment variables, for example:

MY_VAR="Hello World!"

This currently does not work because Domino's interpreter detection fails with a command like this. The ad hoc modal will return an error immediately, while the scheduling modal will accept the command, but will fail with the same error when the scheduled job starts.

Yes, an alternative would be to use command arguments like this: --my_var="Hello World!"

But this requires setting up getopts, getopt, optparse, etc. infrastructure that could be unnecessarily complex for the needs of a quick ad hoc job. Command arguments are also not secure.

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