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Working with Tableau

katie.shakman Administrator, Domino Posts: 257 admin
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Domino users often want to push data (for example a CSV file) from a project in Domino over to Tableau. 

Tableau typically connects to remote datasources using their intermediate Web Data Connector. There are a number of community written connectors available here, so one option is to expose your file (potentially by creating an API or putting the file into an S3) and then use a Web Data Connetor to ingest into Tableau.

Internally in Domino we push our data to a Redshift database from within the Domino application and let Tableau refresh from Redshift. You can do something similar with any database that's supported by Tableau.

The final, most complicated option is using the Tableau SDK. You can create a Tableau extract (.tde) file out of your file using this package, then use your Tableau server's rest API to upload the extract file to your Tableau datasource. 

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