Deleted files and folder keep appearing back in domino project

tasneem.ghayas Member Posts: 11

I would like to delete files and folder from domino project but they keep appearing back.

Regarding the deletion of domino project directory, I used the following method :

     1. I connect to the workspace

        2. I create a notebook ipynb

         3. In this notebook, I use :

   os.remove(file) to delete files

   os.rmdir(folder) to delete folders once they are empty

With this method, I remove the folders that I want to delete and also the “.dominokeep” files and the “ipynb_checkpoints” folders

         4. I synchronize and commit the changes in the workspace.

         5. I stop the workspace.

When I go back to the workspace, the folders previously deleted reappear.


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  • tasneem.ghayas
    tasneem.ghayas Member Posts: 11
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  • petter.olsson
    petter.olsson Member, Moderator, Domino Posts: 78 mod

    Hi Tasneem,

    Which version of Domino are you currently on? You can see this by going to https://yoururl/version



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